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The Truth About THE WEB..... Search Engines Don't Care if Your Website is Pretty.

Search Engines
Don’t Care if Your Website is Pretty.

They told you Build it and they will come”.
So you hired a well recommended website designer or graphic design firm and had them construct a great looking site.
Its got all the bells and whistles. It cost you a bundle. You or your staff labored for hours, weeks even, writing all the content that tells everybody how great you are and what you do and why your offering is better than anything - anywhere - ever!
And after several months you’ve had 34 hits… and those are from your mom and your family checking to see if your site is still live......  

Well They were half right…...   
What they didn’t tell you was:

Search Engines
Don’t Care if Your Website is Pretty.

Look, it's not your fault.
You did exactly what they told you to do. And you did it well.
What they didn't tell you was your site needs to have:

CONTENT that your customers are seeking. 
KEYWORDS that the search engines are looking for.
A layout that is easily NAVIGATED.
Good design elements that keep people entertained long enough to stay on your website,
and get you the

Now more than ever
you need a web professional that can merge web tactics with the best of direct marketing effectiveness.

Here's how I can help
Drive Traffic to your site and Increase Sales.

 As a website targeted content strategist. I am here to help you with content marketing strategies that are targeted to place you in front of your ideal client. I work hard to make those things easily understood, fast to implement and within budget.

My goal is to make your project perform at its absolute best. I use top rated web tools and analytical reports to help identify where the website or project is performing well, and where it should be improved.

I share this information with you in well laid out systematic reports. These reports are built so that you will have a clear path of action knowing what needs to be completed or reworked on your site.

Just as your car mechanic runs a diagnostic on your vehicle and presents you with a detailed analytical report telling you what needs to be repaired, that is the same type of content analysis tests that I perform on your website. Concise, clear, step by step performance evaluations of your website. Where it is performing well; and where it is not.

I am a professional, results driven web content marketing strategist that is ready to take you and your company to the top level. I will use techniques and tested procedures to optimize your website so that it functions at its peak performance. I am a web copy specialist that can write online content in a clear and persuasive way.