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Site Analyzation Services
Website analyzation is the process of systematically going through a website and collecting data that shows where the site is strong and where it is weak. The tests and tools that I use remove the personal bias that most other processes use. I will guide you through the steps required to correct weak marketing points and provide you with ways to optimize your sites content. I use the 5 c's and a 31 point checklist to ensure an unbiased review of your website.

Online Persuasive Copy
Online copywriting is very different from direct mail projects. Online persuasive copy should focus on lead generation, directing internet sales, promotions or behavior that will lead to a decisive action. I understand how to write for the web and improve your marketing results and increase response rates on your site.

Targeted Online Content
Targeted online content is copy that is written to a specific demographic with offerings that they are actively seeking using search engines tools. I will help your customers find you and help you convert them into buyers. This would include staying in touch with your prospects with email campaigns, auto-responders, and e-newsletters.

SEO Copywriting
SEO copywriting is a process of using key words and phrases that search engines are looking for in a very conversational easy to read format. This enables your site to be indexed higher in the search engines and still be an easy informational read for your prospects. Above all your site needs to be user friendly. As a Certified SEO Copywriter I have the training to do the research and writing making your site user friendly and a great marketing tool.

Internet Research
Internet research is a process of finding content that involves using a proven strategy to locate information tailored to your specific niche. Using sources such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and industry specific publications I can help you find information that will supply the punch your copy needs.