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30+ years in high end retail sales for interior design, fine art, custom framing, gallery promotions, and jewelry. In charge of advertising placement, budgeting and promotional mailings. 

6 years in IT procurement sales. SMB and Enterprise Accounts for Fortune 500 company.

Call scripts, welcome letters, B2B promotional e-mails for IT products and services.  

20+ years in marketing and advertising experience in direct mail, press releases, PR, web copy, graphic design, budgeting and project management.  

4+ years in (Printing) Web Press: Experience with plate making, stripping, process camera, layout, ad copy for catalogs and institutional copy for colleges and Fortune 100 companies, responsible for proofreading and copyediting of B2B reports.


                                                        My early web life: 

     In the beginning (the 80's) I was on the light and fluffy side of websites. I did some graphics. I did some web copy (much of this copywriting was used in offline marketing as well). These projects consisted mainly of extolling the virtues of the company or its products. I did what everyone else was doing – I was making really pretty websites. And my clients were happy - but they weren’t making the volume of sales, or the conversions they were looking for. Something was missing, and none of us had a clue. 

     Then one day a few years ago someone I worked with introduced me to Google Analytics and a giant light bulb went off. I was mesmerized by what you could find out by following reports of what people were searching for on the web. I have always been into “Jeopardy Knowledge” so this revelation was something I grabbed onto with both hands. I moved overnight to the dark side.

      I started studying the best practices on the web. And I changed the way I wrote about products and companies. In short I changed the way I perceived what was a websites true purpose. It was no longer just something that was presenting information to someone just stopping by. It was the ultimate sales tool!


                                                     Professional background:

     I started my professional life in the fine arts. My first job in high school was as a custom picture framer in an interior design firm. I would spend a total of 25 years in and around that profession. I have owned and managed several art galleries and frame shops. My degrees are in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Multi Media and Marketing. (So you can see where the pretty websites came in). I also did gallery shows where I handled all phases of advertising, writing artist bios, brochures, and press releases.

     As an undergraduate I worked for 2 years in a law firm doing proofreading and copyediting of contracts and court reports. I left there to go back into the framing industry. In the mid 80’s I worked for a friends family that owned a large printing company.  There I learned to do ad layout, color separations, process camera, stripping, plate making, binding and finishing. I was shown how to write catalog and institutional copy for colleges and fortune 100 companies and I was responsible for the proofreading and copyediting of B2B reports.

     In 2003 I went into outbound sales for a Fortune 500 IT company. I learned how to do cold calls - (104 a day), write sales scripts, product offerings and letters of introduction. I learned about conversion metrics and I learned to love gatekeepers. After being downsized 6 years later I went to work for one of the Big G’s (The largest domain seller in the world – GoDaddy). I learned about domains and hosting and all sorts of add-ons that coulda, shoulda, woulda, put your website into hyper drive. And I learned how little people really know about how the WWW (World Wide Web) functions. I learned to take the technical jargon and explain it in a non technical way that let customers know what they really needed to launch their websites.

      I left there for a job offer with the other Big G (You search on it everyday - Google). I was in Customer Service / Sales for AdWords. I learned about PPC (Pay Per Click advertising), ad writing, and contextual advertising. I was fortunate to have learned about the best of web practices on the job. After a lot of hard learning curves I have decided to start my own company helping people and companies achieve their dreams on the web.


Other Interests
Fur Kids, Horseback Riding, Animal Rescue, Traveling, Cooking, Baking, Singing and Entertaining.

                                                                               I am a Website Targeted Content Strategist.
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